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This Music Publishing Agreement is made on 20/07/2024 between Vitamin Deep Publishing, a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa (hereinafter referred to as "Publisher"), and a composer based in (hereinafter referred to as "Owner").
The person or representative that you spoke with regarding the deal.
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Please note this is important so that we know in what currency your royalties will be paid.
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IF your international (outside of South Africa) brand Paypal is the only standard of payment we provide. For South Africa please provide the necessary bank details.
Please provide us with your PayPal transaction email address or your South African Banking Details [Please note it is your responsibility to make sure that any updates to these details are notified to the distribution agency by way of an email]

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The term for which we will provide these services to your company for. 5 Years is our basic offer to allow us to gather all necessary publishing royalties for you.
Composer / Owner
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